Besides the main lake (Lady Evelyn Lake) here are some of the portage lakes available to our guests

Sugar Lake 

- Lake Trout, Northern Pike, SM Bass -

Just a 10 minute boat ride and  a 25 minute walk is all that is required to find this lake of about 2 miles wide and three main fingers.  One of the most scenic lakes in the area, Sugar Lake produces fair sized-Lakers in the spring (late May to mid  June) and very good size and plentiful Smallmouth Bass throughout the summer and into fall.  Fish from our 14' Aluminium boat equipped with a 2.5 HP motor.



Even "Sweeter" than Sugar Lake

 - SM Bass & Big Northerns -

By far the best Bass fishing we have! Catches from 50 to 150 in a day with a beefy average size. Action starts on this lake at the beginning of July, but from mid-August to the end of the season, you can't do anything wrong on this lake.  This is the "hawg trough" you see at the sportshows only with a natural surrounding.



Long Lake 

 - Northern Pike - 

Great lake if you love to flail away, casting into weed beds all day long..  Twenty minute boat ride, then a half hour walk.  You have this 2 mile long, 1/2 mile wide Pike Heaven all to yourself!  Fishing from our 14' boat with a 2.5 HP motor the many  Northerns up to 12 lbs. like to go after those Little Cleos and other flashy spoons.  (Don't worry about those little funny-looking minnows that appear to have stuck their heads in a pencil sharpener,  they're just mini-pike eating and growing). 


Muskego River ,

Muskego Falls 

 - Brook Trout -

Twenty minutes by boat, these falls tumble over rocks in three stages.   Brookies up to 20" have been caught here by our guests.  Just about ANY spot that looks like it holds a fish, usually does at this gushing stream.  Even in the summer,  brookies can be coaxed from their nooks.  This waterfall has been photographed more than any other, this side of the Obiwanga Narrows.


Special Lake 1

     -  Rainbow Trout -

Three miles by boat and a seven minute walk brings you to the shore of this crystal clear "kettle lake".  The visibility is an unbelievable 35' to 40'.  Although only twice the size of an arena this lake has produced a few gorgeous rainbows over the years. Take a half day to fish this jewel of the north.


Special Lake 2 

- Speckled Trout -

Accessed by the same trail as our Rainbow Trout Lake, this small lake has a similar visibility of 25' to 30'.  Fishing from shore seems to have produced the best results on this body of water.  One of the few "stocked" lakes in the area, the stocked speckles are in the 2 to 2 1/2 lb. range.  But imagine our fishermen when they catch native trout from this body of water weighing over 5 lbs.!


As with most of the things you need for your trip, ANY of the equipment on the portage lakes is provided at no extra charge! How nice...

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