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Fall 2012

Again it is that “little dusting” of snow on the back lawn of the southern Bowden home reminding me that another season has flown. Muddy-footed dogs smearing the back porch sliding door and the odd honk of a goose or two over-head have replaced the bull moose visits, loon calls and frequent eagle sightings of the summer past.

The fishing in 2012 started out on a high note. We had quite a few folks try out that small Brookie pond with much success. Definitely, more Northerns were landed this past spring (and summer) than I can remember. With Ryan doing his “breakfast survey” about what was caught, by whom and how many, we were shown what a fantastic fishery Lady Evelyn really is!

Although the fishing stats were left up on the island, Ryan and Clay recall at least 150 “Walters” (Walleye over 27”) caught and released. Towards the fall, the Walleye were a bit more difficult to find…lots of healthy little ones…all the more for the years to come.

Ryan’s description of the lake being “polluted” – with Smallmouth, that is – seemed to be true, especially in the fall when we often heard guests exclaim “that was the BIGGEST Smallmouth I’ve EVER caught!”

The weather, for the most part, cooperated with Red Pine’s changeover days with just enough thunderstorms from “nowhere” to chase even the hardiest of fishermen off the lake. I didn’t hear tell of any spectacular Northern Light sightings but we sure were treated to an amazing display of aerial maneuvering. Two Waterbombers in perfect synchronization fighting a small fire across the lake was a sight to be remembered by all who were visiting that week!

I know some of you got some spectacular fish photos that could be shared with our other guests. With many of you practicing catch and release, we, back at camp hear of all those fish you caught on your 2012 trip. Now is your chance to show us pictorial proof of those special moments. Please pick two or three of your best photos and email them to me or burn a bunch to disk to send by mail. I will "hook" the best ones. Who knows…your face (and fish) may show up in the display booth at the show or on the brochure. Don’t delay, send today!

As in past year's Red Pine was blessed with an incredible staff!

Cameron is hanging his hat in Latchford for the winter and working at Dam Depot (gas station). He was happy to have all his fellow staff back this year. Cameron's motto is: "For a Pessimist, I'm pretty Optimistic."

Miriam is at school in Kitchener taking Hospitality and Tourism Management and says she was inspired by Red Pine to get into the business.

Ryan has been fishing a lot (surprise) since the season was over, and says he's never had a busier guiding season than 2012. His motto for everyone is "FISH HARD!"

Jonathan decided to "jump the puddle" and is living in Norwich, England. It was a math teaching job that drew him there. He says "Nothing worth having comes easy..."

Clay is hanging out at a local tackle store, no doubt dreaming of the "latest addition to his arsenal" (who knows what that will be!) He will also be doing a bunch of hard water fishing this winter I'm sure!

Brenda Brooks - you may not have seen much of her (as she was kept very busy in the kitchen) but she is the reason Red Pine guests ate like kings and queens this past season! An amazing lady and a great cook who I hope will repeat her stellar performance in 2013.

Kathryn Brooks is attending teacher’s college in North Bay and hopes one of her placements will be at her old elementary school. She is also trying to improve her baking skills.

Andrew Martin is enrolled in the Engineering program at Conestoga College in Waterloo, Ontario.

As for Elizabeth Bowden, who turned 19 this November, she is currently seeking employment in our hometown of Waterdown.

I'll be hitting the road again for the upcoming sport show circuit. It would be great to see you at any one of the following five shows:

  • Cincinnati Travel, Sports & Boat Show: January 18-20, 23-27

  • Harrisburg Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show: February 2-10

  • Toronto Spring Fishing & Boat Show: February 15-18

  • Novi (Detroit Area) Outdoorama: February 21-24 (tentative)

It has been two years since rates have changed at Red Pine. Please see the rates page for the latest pricing.

I managed to find the fall newsletter from last year in the files! The finding of it is surprising based on my questionable organizational abilities (they are improving). In that letter, the final paragraph mentions the view out the window from my office. Last year, I noted that my garage roof was one-quarter shingled. Guess what? One-half of the roof is now shingled! Progress...

May God keep you and your family safe and well through the New Year. I look forward to seeing you soon!

- James, Elizabeth & Bud

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